Andrographis Paniculata Extract Capsules

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Tags: bronchitis, pneumonia, SARS, FLU, flu, tonsillitis, viral diarrhea, stomatitis, aphthous ulcers of the oral cavity, acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI), influenza, colds, tonsillitis, viral diarrhea, bronchitis, pneumonia, stomatiti aphthous oral ulcers


The main indications: 

Acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI), influenza, colds, tonsillitis, viral diarrhea

As an adjuvant: 

Bronchitis, pneumonia, stomatitis, aphthous oral ulcers

Pharmacological properties:

Immunomodulator, antiviral agent, antiallergenic agent, tonsillitis


1. Andrographis Paniculata Extract 300 mg

2. Other Herbs 200 mg.


1 capsule 4 times a day after meal and at bedtime. The course of admission: 7 days.

Contraindications \ Precautions:

Individual intolerance to the drug.

Side effects:

Have not been identified.

Drug Overwiev, Andrographis Paniculata manufactured by Khaolaor Laboratory:

As a therapeutic drug:

It is used in the treatment of diseases such as: viral infections, including influenza viruses, acute respiratory viral infections, colds, tonsillitis.

As an auxiliary drug:

It is used in the treatment of bronchitis, pneumonia, stomatitis, aphthous ulcers of the oral cavity, allergic reactions.

As a prophylactic agent:

Is not useful as a prophylactic drug.

Drug Overview

Dr. Chavatchay Kamoltham, Director General of the Department of Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, said: “For more than a hundred years, Andographis Paniculata has been used to treat colds and viral infections, and enhance immunity. The effectiveness of Andrographis in the treatment of viral infections and colds is significantly higher than modern chemically synthesized preparations of orthodox medicine. In the Scandinavian countries, where the society prefers natural medicine, Andrographis Paniculata is the most popular medicine for viral infections. The Andrographis Paniculata extract, in addition to its antiviral properties, has a slight antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect. The plant contains an active immunomodulator and an antiviral agent called Adrografolid, which interacts directly with the virus and inhibits its biological activity as part of its reproduction. Expressed in a simple language, Adrografolid castrates viruses and  blocking the possibility of their reproduction. Adrografolid is simultaneously a booster of the immune system, which provides the rapid destruction of viral colonies within the human body. Chinese scientists conducted a detailed study of the effects of Adrografolid on human biochemistry as part of clinical and academic studies. As a result, data were obtained that Andrographis Paniculata affects human immunity in 2 ways: 

1. Stimulates macrophage production and macrophage identification of viral and bacterial infections. 

2. Promotes the production of antibodies by the body. 

In conclusion, it must be said that panicled Andrographis preparations are available in Thailand at every 7-Eleven and Family Mart convenience store, as well as in pharmacies around the country. That clearly illustrates the effectiveness of the drug, which has clearly shown itself over centuries of using the plant in Ayurvedic medicine.

Presented in the slide show, Andographis Paniculata - manufactured by Khaolaor Laboratory in the Kingdom of Thailand. The company does not retail its products and does not deliver them by postal services. You can buy the drug from the manufacturer through distributor - Asiabiopharm company on the online store's website It is possible to deliver parcels around the world.

Product type Capsules
Packaging facilities Vial
Length 60 mm
Width 60 mm
Height 95 mm
Weight, gross 50 g
Package quantity, PCs. 50
Release form Capsule 500 mg
Shelf life and storage conditions 2 years
Classification means Ayurvedic drugs
The name of the manufacturer Khaolaor Laboratories Co Ltd
Country of origin Thailand

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